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What quality mean to us

2For us at Emobella Engineering Nigeria Limited  QUALITY means: Clients return, not products; We work for the expectations of our Clients and Satisfied clients are the capital of our Company” We pride ourselves with first time right in all our service areas. It is based on the above that we have a robust Quality management system (QMS) in Place and as a company that is ISO 9001:2008 certified we have put in place checks and balance that guide our processes

Highly Certified Workforce – At Emobella Engineering Nigeria limited we strongly believe that winning in a competitive global market requires very qualify and certified workforce. Hence we pride ourselves in engaging the right workforce who has the right technical skills for the right job with many years of working experience and are well certified by appropriate certification authority. All our welders are certified by AWS, our Quality Engineer and certified welding inspector and  NDT Level II certified by ANSI. Our calibration technician are all ASQ certified calibration technician (CCT)